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Create the largest community of SORA Experts to unlock the full benefits of drones in our society

Overcome airspace access difficulties


Accessing today's sky is still a complex and some time expensive process for most UAS Operators.

Unless UAS Operators become able to overcome the airspace access requirements and Airspace Authorities can effectively deal with authorization requests, we won't be able to experience the full potential of the Drone Economy.

Spread the SORA methodology knowledge


At SORACourse.com we believe in the power of the SORA methodology to enable UAS Operations at the highest level of safety.

Recognised as the facto standards around the world, the methodology is dramatically changing the Drone Economy by defining a clear risk assessment framework for advanced UAS Operations such BLVOS, Autonomous flights, etc.

Concentrated in a handful of people that can hardly cope with their increasing workload, the principle barrier today, is the lack of wide-spread knowledge.

The market needed an Online Training solution!

The Team

Dannick Riteco


Founder of SORA Consulting GmbH, Dannick has a long standing experience advising companies, organisations and government bodies with drones and other Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) questions. Dannick is highly experienced in operational authorisations and risk assessment.

Olivier Quero


As former AirMap EMEA Regional Sales Manager, Olivier has been promoting the deployment of UTM platform and services to safely integrate drones operations into the airspace and to allow European Air Navigation Service Providers and Civil Aviation Authorities to be compliant with new EU Regulations. Olivier is an expert in using technology to develop innovative end-user services.

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